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Family Guy: Disney’s The Reboot (S18EP4 FOX Sun 20 Oct 2019)



Disney’s The Reboot: In a special meta episode of FAMILY GUY, the network decides that it’s time to explore some unique ways to reboot the series. When three versions of the reboots are shown to a focus group, the feedback takes some surprising turns.

Voice Cast: Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Quagmire, and Tom Tucker; Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin; Seth Green as Chris Griffin; Mila Kunis as Meg; Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown; Patrick Warburton as Joe

Guest Voice Cast: Bryan Cranston as Bert, Dana Walden as herself, Gary Newman as himself, Judy Greer as herself, Chris Parnell as Smarmy

Airdate: Sunday 20 October 2019 at 9.30pm on FOX.

Season 18, Episode 4