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Family Karma Groomzilla (Bravo Sunday February 5, 2023)



Family Karma

Today Sunday February 5, 2023, there is a new episode of Family Karma.


Days before Amrit and Nicholas’ wedding, the Kapais get ready to meet Nicholas’ parents for the first time; Monica confronts the realities of her troubled relationship; and Bali is taken aback by her parents’ unexpected proposal.

Airdate: Sunday February 5, 2023 at 21:45 on Bravo

Season 3 Episode 13

Family Karma gives viewers a never-before-seen look inside the intriguing lives of seven young Indian-American friends. Growing up in traditional, multigenerational households, the group is bonded by their strong cultural ties and vibrant Miami social lives. While their parents and grandparents instill cherished customs, these adult children are drifting more towards the "American Way," and the two worlds collide in the most unexpected ways. These friends are determined to live life to the fullest and navigate the pressures of adulthood, while maintaining their deep-rooted connection to the Indian culture.

Featured image credit: Bravo