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Fantasy Island: The Romance and the Bromance (S1EP7 FOX Tues 14 Sep 2021)



The Romance and the Bromance: A bookworm who wants to say yes to life goes back in time to meet her favorite author, and a competitive survivalist learns that the ultimate challenge is something he hasn’t trained for.

Cast: Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke; Kiara Barnes as Ruby Akuda

Guest Cast: John Gabriel Rodriquez as Javier, Eric Winter as Brian Cole, Caitlin Stasey as Isabel, Gillian Saker as Rachel Goldwater, Andrew Richardson as Reginald Goldwater, Dominic Burgess as Edmund Walsh, Benjamin Stockham as Young Brian

Airdate: Tues 14 Sep 2021 at 21:00 on FOX

Season 1 Episode 7

A modern drama series, Fantasy Island takes place at a luxury resort, where literally any fantasy requested by guests is fulfilled, although they rarely turn out as expected. The resort is run by Elena Roarke, who set aside her own ambitions — and even the love of her life — to uphold her family’s legacy. Sophisticated, insightful and always charming, Elena’s calm exterior masks the challenges of the responsibilities she has assumed as steward of this mysterious island. Delving into the "what if" questions — both big and small — that keep us awake at night, each episode will tell emotional, provocative stories about people who arrive with dreams and desires and depart enlightened and transformed through the magical realism of Fantasy Island.