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Father Brown: The Head of Caesar (S1EP11 ITV Thurs 5 Dec 1974, with Rosalind Ayres)



The Head of Caesar: Father Brown comes to the aid of a young woman who is being blackmailed by a mysterious man with a false nose.

Kenneth More as Father Brown
Dennis Burgess as Hercule Flambeau
Rosalind Ayres as Christabel
John Normington as Arthur
Elsie Randolph as Miss Oliphant
Brian Anthony as Philip
Christian Rodska as Giles
Graham Leaman as Colonel Carstairs
Robin Meredith as Mr. Truslove
John Rutland as Max
Michelle Newell as Madge
Betty Alberge as Mrs. Gow
Stephen Marsh as Hector
Lala Lloyd as Fisher

Director: Robert Tronson
Writer: Peter Wildeblood

Airdate: Thursday 5 December 1974

Season 1, Episode 11

Series: Father Brown