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Father Brown: The Oracle of the Dog (S1EP2 ITV Thurs 3 Oct 1974, with Rupert Davies)



The Oracle of the Dog: Father Brown is staying as the guest of a retired colonel when his host is found dead, stabbed with a narrow blade, but no murder weapon. The police inspector gathers all the suspects together, but Father Brown has the answer.

Kenneth More as Father Brown
Rupert Davies as Colonel Arthur Druce
Guy Slater as Donald Druce
Richard Heffer as Harry Druce
Bob Sherman as Patrick Floyd
Mel Martin as Janet Druce
Gerard Paquis as Dr. Henri Valentine
John Atkinson as Aubrey Traill
Edward Evans as Inspector Cole
Michael Stock as Police Constable
Ben as Nox

Director: Peter Jefferies
Writer: Peter Wildeblood

Airdate: Thursday 3 October 1974

Season 1, Episode 2

Series: Father Brown