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Father Brown: The Quick One (S1EP9 ITV Thurs 21 Nov 1974, with Bernard Lee)



The Quick One: Father Brown is staying at a country hotel and finds an eccentric stabbed through the heart in the hotel bar. Suspicion falls on a goup of travelling salesmen.

Kenneth More as Father Brown
Dennis Burgess as Hercule Flambeau
Bernard Lee as John Raggley
Penelope Horner as Edith Raggley
Christopher Benjamin as Jukes
Frederick Treves as Rev. David Pryce-Jones
Brian Hawksley as Insp. Greenwood
Maxwell Shaw as Ashley
Charlotte Mitchell as Miss Paravant
Paul Williamson as Frank Vance
Anthony Langdon as Leeds
Mary Ann Severne as Beatrice
Geoffrey Russell as Wills
William Dysart as James Grant
Tariq Yunus as Akbar

Director: Ian Fordyce
Writer: Hugh Leonard

Airdate: Thursday 21 November 1974

Season 1, Episode 9

Series: Father Brown