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Father Brown: The Secret Garden (S1EP13 ITV Thurs 19 Dec 1974, with Charles Dance)



The Secret Garden: Father Brown is called to investigate the beheading of a man, commited in a closed garden. Soon there seems to be some problems: How could the murderer get the body out of the garden? And how did the murderer get away? Soon after the first murder a head is discovered into the Seine. The solution to the murder is simple and brilliant.

Kenneth More as Father Brown
Ferdy Mayne as Aristide Valentin
Peter Dyneley as Julius K. Brayne
Cyril Luckham as Lord Galloway
Joan Benham as Lady Galloway
Eileen Waugh as Lady Margaret Graham
Charles Dance as Commandant Neil O’Brien
Rosemarie Dunham as Duchess of Mont St. Michel
Rowland Davies as Dr. Bernard Simon
Stefan Gryff as Beaumont
Athol Coats as Ivan

Director: Peter Jefferies
Writer: Hugh Leonard

Airdate: Thursday 19 December 1974

Season 1, Episode 13

Series: Father Brown