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Final Moments: A Convenient Crime (S1EP6 Oxygen Sun April 24, 2022)



A Convenient Crime: Willard Grandstaff, 24, dreams about the future as he toils away at his convenience store job. However, on September 27, 2004, his regular nightly duty becomes his final. Who assassinated Willard Grandstaff?

Airdate: Sun April 24, 2022 at 19:00 on Oxygen

Season 1 Episode 6

Final Moments delves into heart-wrenching crimes, revealing the emotional truth of the victims leading up to their death.  Each episode tracks a new investigation and features real footage, pictures and social media posts that shed light on the life of the victim and the crime. What were they doing?  What might they have been thinking and feeling? What was their Final Moment? 

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