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Finding Love in San Antonio (UPtv Sunday January 29 2023)



Finding Love in San Antonio

Finding Love in San Antonio airs a new episode tonight Sunday January 29 2023 on UPtv.

A popular Los Angeles-based TV chef is offered a starring role in a new network series that would take her all over Europe. Unfortunately, her young daughter is rooted in San Antonio, Texas, and the restaurant where she got her start is struggling.

With Valentina Izarra (Adela), George Akram (David), Isabella Rivera-Gandulla (Fabiola), Marisa del Portillo (Soccorro), Valeria Menendez (Sandra), Carlos Compean (Patrick), Ricky Montez (Julio), Giovanni Cristoff (Brandon), Jose Luis Navas (Matias)

Airdate: Sunday January 29 2023 at 7.00pm on UPtv.

Featured Image Credit: UPtv