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First Dates: Episode 3 (S19EP3 Channel 4 Thursday 4 August 2022)



Luca, a 31-year-old tiler from Essex, is hoping to polish up his love life by visiting the First Dates restaurant. Luca’s keen to prove he’s not the ‘player’ women judge him to be and wants to find ‘a nice girl’ his dad will approve of. His date is TV presenter Hayley, who may be confident on camera but finds dating rather daunting.

Next in is 72-year-old retired prison officer Sandie. Having modelled the first police-issue trousers for women, completed a masters, and written a book, Sandie’s lived a full life and wants to find someone to share an active retirement with. Her date is 79-year-old life-long tennis coach Chris, who is also on the lookout for someone fit and active.

Whipping her love life into shape is 31-year-old boarding school matron Sarah. With a bucket list that spans learning to weld and butchering an animal, she’s looking for someone confident in their non-conformity to join her in ticking things off. Twenty-seven-year-old maths teacher Charlie likens his style to that of ‘Richard Ayoade crossed with Bill Nighy’. With Charlie arriving dressed in one of his 27 suits, Sarah takes an instant shine to her first date.

Last to dine in the restaurant tonight is 29-year-old car parts saleswoman Lana, who lives in Cheshire. Working in an office full of blokes, who describe her as ‘brutal’, Lana worries that men find her intimidating. Her date is 33-year-old project manager Luke. Despite his outer confidence, Luke’s last first date was in 2006, which has him feeling like ‘a beginner’. But will Luke prove the perfect fit for Lana?

Exec Prod: Jon Crisp; Series Ed: Neil Rubenstein; Series Prod: Ian Osprey; Prod Co: Twenty Twenty

Airdate: Thursday 4 August 2022 at 22:00 on Channel 4

Season 19 Episode 3

The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love.