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First Dates: Episode 4 (S17EP4 Channel 4 Mon 27 Sep 2021)



Medical student Alice, from Birmingham, is ready to send her date’s heart-rate soaring. She yearns to escape the world of med school dating and meet someone from a different profession. Max, the Jaguar-driving, self-styled ‘Wolf of Wallington High Street’, works in recruitment. Is Alice ready to be Max’s partner in crime for wild nights out?

Full-time carer Mark has a penchant for body mods. A house music fan who still goes out clubbing, he finds it hard to hold down a relationship for more than a few months. He’s matched with 39-year-old Alison, a call centre worker by day and raver by night.

International DJ Maxine has a love life that’s left her in a spin. She went to Ibiza with a boyfriend and left the island with a girlfriend. She hopes to find her second ever girlfriend, but is struggling to navigate London’s lesbian dating scene. She’s paired with Carla, who instantly recognises Maxine, who ghosted her on a dating app.

Cadell has a rare medical condition that degrades his vision and wants to find a partner and have kids soon. His match is teaching assistant and amateur trombonist Hannah, who hopes to make it through their date without making any bum notes.

Exec Prod: Jon Crisp; Series Editor: Neil Rubenstein; Series Prod: Ian Osprey; Prod Co: Twenty Twenty

Airdate: Mon 27 Sep 2021 at 22:00 on Channel 4

Season 17 Episode 4

The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love.