First Dates: Episode 5 (Channel 4 Monday 15 May 2023)



First Dates

First Dates: Episode 5 airs Monday 15 May 2023 on Channel 4

Wedding photographer Marc, 41, who has yet to find his own picture-perfect love, is the first diner to arrive. His soulmate is 40-year-old graphic designer Louise, who calls herself “The Warmer Upper” because her exes usually move on quickly and marry someone else.

Debbie, originally from Wales and now aged 47, works as a pharmacy assistant by day and performs as a rock/pop singer by night. Performing gives her plenty of opportunities to meet men, but most of them are too tipsy to be taken seriously. Her 42-year-old date, Jonny, is sick of hearing, “You’re so handsome, but…” all the time. Debbie tends to date bad boys; will Jonny be a refreshing change of pace, or will their outing end in the dreaded b-word?

A divorced father of two, Clayton is 55 and on the prowl for love. He’s trying to conceal the fact that he’s a grandfather by growing a beard in the “Idris Elba” style. When he says he wants a “confident female,” Bunmi, a 40-year-old business analyst from Nigeria, who has been called “unapproachable,” bursts in with her blunt honesty. They bond over talking about failed relationships and how they’ve found their “mojo” again.

And Josh, 20, is an Essex native and former youth Olympic trampolinist who is concerned that “being ginger can be a niche market.” His date is 22-year-old marketing manager Bethany, who places “average gingers” on one end of the ginger-scale and “very attractive Prince Harry and Greg Rutherford types” at the other. Where, exactly, does Josh fall on this scale? Will he fall hopelessly in love even though he’s open about a personal tragedy?

Season 20 Episode 5

The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love.

What time is First Dates: Episode 5 on tonight

First Dates: Episode 5 airs Monday 15 May 2023 at 22:00 on Channel 4

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