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Fly Into Danger: Final Approach (ITV 12 Jul 1972, with Peter Miles)



Fly Into Danger

In Final Approach the seventh and final episode of Fly Into Danger, Chris and Sarah are still trying to convince air traffic control to intercept Jeff’s plane. Thanks to some nifty route planning by Strong air traffic control have no proof that Strong has even left the country.

Meanwhile Ritchie has caught Cham and Patel has caught Cham’s father trying to make a run for it. Father and son are reunited at the airfield with Ritchie making it plain he wants them both out of the country on the next trip out.

Finally both planes land at the airfield and in a tense showdown Sarah and Chris along with the police who turn up in the nick of time have to stop Jeff taking off again.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 12 Jul 1972 at 5.20pm

Writer: Roy Russell / Production Design: Martin Davey / Director: Jonathan Wright Miller

Series: Fly Into Danger Episode 7 (of 7)

Louis Cabot as Chris Lomax
Leigh Anthony as Lofty
Bernard Kay as Ritchie
Susan Holderness as Sarah
Edward Peel as Jeff Strong
Robert Keegan as Bill Hurst
Sam Dastor as Moji Patel
Mohan Singh as Bandara Lal
Mark Maharaj as Cham
Geoffrey Palmer as Controller
Paul Haley as Assistant Controller
Peter Miles as Andre Grelle
Don McKillop as Farnsworth