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Fly Into Danger: Forced Take Off (ITV 5 Jul 1972, with Geoffrey Palmer)



Fly Into Danger

In Forced Take Off Jeff, in his plane The Islander, has landed in Belgium with Chris and Sarah hiding aboard. The pair discover that Jeff has another group of illegal immigtants to bring in but won’t be leaving until dawn. Chris and Sarah take shelter in a light aircraft in one of the hangers only to fall asleep and get left behind. In something of a rash move the pair decide to steal the aircraft they are in – luckily Sarah does have her pilots licence.

Meanwhile back at the airfield Cham is on the verge of getting caught by Ritchie and his father Bandara Lal has had enough, desperate with worry over his son and wanting to go back home. Moji Patel is not going to let that happen.

Geoffrey Palmer pops up as the aircraft controller who has to guide Sarah and Chris into a safe landing. Genre favourite Peter Miles also pops up as Jeff’s contact at the Belgian airport.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 5 Jul 1972 at 5.20pm

Writer: Roy Russell / Production Design: Martin Davey / Director: Jonathan Wright Miller

Series: Fly Into Danger Episode 6 (of 7)

Louis Cabot as Chris Lomax
Leigh Anthony as Lofty
Bernard Kay as Ritchie
Susan Holderness as Sarah
Edward Peel as Jeff Strong
Robert Keegan as Bill Hurst
Sam Dastor as Moji Patel
Mohan Singh as Bandara Lal
Mark Maharaj as Cham
Geoffrey Palmer as Controller
Paul Haley as Assistant Controller
Peter Miles as Andre Grelle
Barbara Keogh as Mrs Sibley