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Fly Into Danger: Turbulence (ITV 28 Jun 1972, with Leigh Anthony)



Fly Into Danger

In Turbulence Chris has been trapped in the back of Tiny Hodgson’s van but a phone call enables him to make his escape. Back at the airfield he’s relieved to find Cham back, albeit with an injured ankle. He tells Cham that he knows how the immigrants are being smuggled in and Cham tells exactly what is going on.

Moji Patel is pushing Ritchie to increase the number of immigrants he brings on each trip. RItchie is adamant that only four can come in each time – Patel wants two quick trips organised. Jeff is not sure that’s wise.

Chris also tells Sarah exactly what is going on and takes her to meet Cham. She thinks they should go to the police. When they learn that Jeff is heading out, Chris and Sarah sneak aboard the plane…

A tense episode with Chris and Sarah both potentially in a lot of danger once they get to wherever they are going and it’s also becoming very clear to Ritchie that Chris knows too much.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 28 June 1972 at 5.20pm

Writer: David Stevens / Production Design: Martin Davey / Director: Jonathan Wright Miller

Series: Fly Into Danger Episode 5 (of 7)

Louis Cabot as Chris Lomax
Leigh Anthony as Lofty
Bernard Kay as Ritchie
Susan Holderness as Sarah
Edward Peel as Jeff Strong
Robert Keegan as Bill Hurst
Sam Dastor as Moji Patel
Mohan Singh as Bandara Lal
Patrick Durkin as Tiny Hodgson
Leigh Anthony as Lofty
Mark Maharaj as Cham