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Fly To Danger: Mayday Mayday (ITV 21 Jun 1972, with Patrick Durkin)



Fly Into Danger

In Mayday Mayday Chris is trying to dig up information on just what it is Jeff and Ritchie are up to. Meanwhile Ritchie knows Chris is digging and decides that he might have to dismiss him.

Chris though is starting to realise that the cargo of computer parts that seems to be one of the airfields main deliveries is not what it appears to be. He tracks down the company “Putapac” and pays a clandestine visit to their factory – he is shocked to discover that the crates of computer parts are the way that the illegal immigrants are arriving into the country.

Ritchie makes it plain to Jeff that if anyone does find out about what they are up to they will have to be “got rid off” – permanently.

Excellent “heavy” character actor Patrick Durkin makes a small appearance as “delivery man” Tiny. He ends up, unbeknownst to him, trapping Chris in his van after Chris’s snooping goes on too long.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 21 June 1972 at 5.20pm

Writer: Roy Russell / Production Design: Martin Davey / Director: Jonathan Wright Miller

Series: Fly Into Danger Episode 4 (of 7)

Louis Cabot as Chris Lomax
Leigh Anthony as Lofty
Bernard Kay as Ritchie
Susan Holderness as Sarah
Edward Peel as Jeff Strong
Robert Keegan as Bill Hurst
Sam Dastor as Moji Patel
Mohan Singh as Bandara Lal
Patrick Durkin as Tony Hodgson