Follyfoot: The Innocents (ITV 2 Jul 1972, with Colin Douglas)

In a nice nod to season one episode One White Foot Charley  The Innocents sees Dora visited by old Tom Platt who tells her about a strike going on at the local coal mine – the problem is that the pit ponies have been left underground and not cared for.

The RSCPA have been called in and The Colonel is making sure everything is done by the book. Everyone tells Dora not to get involved but of course there are ponies involved.

Later Tom tells Dora that he and some friends are planning to break the horses out and would like her to hide them at Follyfoot – she agrees of course. She also persuades Tom to take her with them when they mount the rescue mission. One of the horses is ill with colic and Dora heads underground to help but then it looks like they maybe discovered….

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Trouble flares when the miners turn up at Follyfoot in search of the Ponies.

A tense exciting episode with Dora not being able to help herself, yet again. There are a few well known faces cropping up too including Colin Douglas then appearing in A Family At War, excellent character actor Godfrey James and Harold Goodwin.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 2 July 1972 at 5.35pm

Writer: Francis Stevens / Director: Desmond Davis

Series: Follyfoot Season 1 Episode 5

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Gillian Blake as Dora
Steve Hodson as Steve
Arthur English as Slugger
Christian Rodska as Ron Stryker
Demond Llewellyn as The Colonel
Bert Palmer as Tom Platt
Peter Porteous as Wally
Colin Douglas as Matt
Brian Osborne as Tyler
Ron Pember as Picket
Tim Pearce as Picket
Godfrey James as Willie
Ken Watson as Charlie
Harold Goodwin as Bill
Phil Woods as Ben
Terence Davies as Davey

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