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Follyfoot: Know-All’s Nag (ITV 9 Aug 1971, with Len Jones)



Follyfoot Cast

Know-All’s Nag is something of a continuation of the previous episode The Charity Horse with the Willens family still having horse dramas. Young Gip has taken on responsibility for the care of their new horse Marty but it’s hard going especially as Marty has a habit of running away.

Gip thinks his neighbour Mr Garrick is letting him out on person because he wants to get his hands on the Willens’ yard. Gip and Steve decide to lay in wait to discover who really is letting Marty out.

The surprise is that it’s actually Gip’s brother Willie who is letting out Marty, he wants the horse gone so they can sell up and move on. Gip is scared of letting Marty go to Follyfoot though because in The Charity Horse Ron Stryker was feeding him scare stories about how badly they treat the horses at Follyfoot. Ron was just having fun of course but Gip took him seriously.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 9 August 1971 at 5.20pm

Writer: Francis Stevens / Director: Stephen Frears

Series: Follyfoot Season 1 Episode 7

Gillian Blake as Dora
Steve Hodson as Steve
Bryan Sweeney as Gip
Len Jones as Willie
Desmond Llewellyn as Colonel
Christian Rodska as Ron Stryker
Arthur English as Slugger
Margery Mason as Mrs Willens