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Follyfoot: One White Foot Charley (ITV 26 Jul 1971, with Christopher Coll)



In One White Foot Charley Follyfoot has been looking after an old pit pony. Slugger calls it the oldest horse in the world. Charley is sadly getting to the end of his days, like his old mine handler. He’d love to see his horse Jackie (as he knows Charley as) and, helped by his son, tries to track him down.

Meanwhile Steve and Dora are having trouble with the vile Lewis, the hoodlum friend of Ron’s, who is riding a horse he knows is lame. They, along with Callie, hatch a plan to “borrow” the horse, Starlight and get it seen by a vet.

A mix of melancholy with old Charley and fun and games with Dora getting disguised as a seventies style Dolly Bird to get hold of Starlight.

classic quote
“The vet said he should have been put down years ago but you’ve got some time in the sun haven’t you.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 26 July 1971 at 5.15pm

Writer: Francis Stevens / Director: Ian McFarlane

Series: Follyfoot Season 1 Episode 5

Steve Hodson as Steve
Gillian Blake as Dora
Arthur English as Slugger
Desmond Llewellyn as The Colonel
Christian Rodska as Ron Stryker
Bert Palmer as Tom
Christopher Coll as George
Gillian Bailey as Callie
Paul Guess as Lewis
Kathy Staff as Woman
Keith James as Stillwater
Wallace Campbell as The vet