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Follyfoot: Poor Bald Head (ITV 16 Jul 1972, with Clifford Rose)




In Poor Bald Head, elderly Ernie Perkins – and the horse and cart he runs – are wanted out by his boss Mr Dockery. Perkins started the company with Dockery’s father and has been promised a job for as long he wants. Perkins is really only hanging on because he thinks his horse won’t be looked after if he gives up his work.

Meanwhile Dora is very upset when the Colonel tells her he is selling one of the horses, she thinks no horse should be sold once it gets to Follyfoot – the horse, Taminy, though is in prime condition and doesn’t really need to be at Follyfoot.

Dora and Steve also have a falling out over the situation – Steve knows that Follyfoot really doesn’t have space for any more horses and if a horse comes along that really needs their help they won’t have room for it.

In a nice plot bridge the man buying the horse is the solicitor attached to the company Perkins works for. He hits upon the idea of persuading Perkins to take a look at Follyfoot. Of course Steve makes it plain to Dora that they can’t take in the horse because they don’t have space. Once Dora sees Perkins’ horse she knows she was wrong about Taminy and it all works out for the best.

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 16 July 1972 at 5.35pm

Writer: Francis Stevens / Director: Michael Apted

Series: Follyfoot Season 1 Episode 7

Gillian Blake as Dora
Steve Hodson as Steve
Arthur English as Slugger
Christian Rodska as Ron Stryker
Demond Llewellyn as The Colonel
Clifford Rose as Mr Dockery
John Barrett as Ernie Perkins
David Swift as Mr Bendiger
Jack Le White as Weighman
Daphne Oxenford as Secretary
Elaine Donnelly as Wendy Bendiger