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Follyfoot: Present For Sandy (ITV 25 June 1972, with Jack Woolgar)




In Present For Sandy Steve runs into action when he sees a cottage on fire belonging to an old lady, he tries to help but the first is too far gone to save the cottage. With the old lady rushed to hospital Steve discovers a horse in a stable behind the cottage. He heads back to Follyfoot.

The next day Seth Draper turns up in an angry mood at Follyfoot claiming that the horse has been stolen from him. Steve and Seth almost come to blows when Seth accuses him of the theft. The horse really does belong to Seth but his widowed daughter-in-law Janet had taken him to give to her young son Sandy for his tenth birthday (in a complicated bit of plot the horse, a clear thoroughbred, had belonged to Janet’s husband but Seth thought the horse was too powerful for Sandy to learn to ride on and had taken it back).

Steve and Dora are completely at odds in this episode, Steve is tired of Dora’s total obsession with putting horses before people. The soft heart of Follyfoot also shows in a scene of Dora playing cowboys and indians with Sandy before he finally does get his own horse. It’s a particularly important moment for Dora, she had wanted a pony for her tenth birthday but instead was given books and games.

classic quote
“I’m sorry Dora, I’ve got to get used to your enchanted world. Learn to believe in miracles too. Just give me time.”

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 25 June 1972 at 5.35pm

Writer: Francis Stevens / Director: Desmond Davis

Series: Follyfoot Season 2 Episode 4

Gillian Blake as Dora
Steve Hodson as Steve
Desmond Llewellyn as The Colonel
Arthur English as Slugger
Christian Rodska as Ron Stryker
Kathleen St John as Old lady
Lewis Wilson as Ambulance Man
Jack Woolgar as Seth Draper
Geraldine Newman as Janet Draper
Simon Thompson as Sandy