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Food Show Hungry Premieres Saturday 26 November on Channel 10



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On Saturday 26 November 2022 Channel 10 airs the premiere episode of a new series called Hungry.

Sarah Todd, a former contestant on MasterChef Australia, will accompany renowned chef George Calombaris on his return to his culinary roots in the new series Hungry.

Hungry aims to take viewers on a rich cultural journey, starting with a look at George’s favourite restaurants from his youth in Mulgrave, a suburb of Melbourne. From there, viewers will learn about the inspiration behind some of Melbourne’s best restaurants and meet the regular Australians who create food for the soul.

Sarah Todd, the co-host, will assist in telling the distinctive tales that blend the culinary customs of previous generations with cutting-edge invention.

This is an honest culinary journey that isn’t afraid to draw on the important narratives. Hungry will demonstrate to viewers how Australia’s multicultural population invents and sparks the culinary movement; it will draw on the nostalgia that gives soul food its distinctive flavour; and it will address how to reduce food waste through easy sustainability cooking techniques.

The stories are unapologetically real, the heat is turned up, and the flavours are zinging.

Hungry premieres Saturday 26th November at 6:30pm on Channel 10.