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For All Mankind: Polaris (Season 3 Premiere Apple TV+ Fri June 10, 2022)



Polaris: Nearly 10 years have passed. Danielle and Ed attend a celebration, where things take a terrifying turn.

The ten-episode third season will premiere with the first episode, followed by one new episode weekly every Friday through August 12, 2022.

In season three, the Red Planet becomes the new frontier in the Space Race not only for the U.S. and the Soviet Union, but also an unexpected new entrant with a lot to prove and even more at stake. Our characters find themselves going head-to-head as their ambitions for Mars come into conflict and their loyalties are tested, creating a pressure cooker that builds to a climactic conclusion.

Airdate: Friday June 10, 2022 on Apple TV+

Season 3 Episode 1