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Forged in Fire: Fastest Blade In The West (S9EP19 History Wed August 17, 2022)



Fastest Blade in the West: Four smiths race to finish their blades in the least amount of time possible before taking on the testing round, with the winners returning home to create the iconic American frontier weapon, the Vaquero machete.

Hosted by Wil Willis.

Airdate: Wed August 17, 2022 at 21:00 on History

Season 9 Episode 19

Forged in Fire features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of the most iconic edged weapons from history. In each episode, four of the best bladesmiths in the country will come together to put both their skills and reputations on the line. Whether they are making a Japanese katana, a medieval broadsword, or an ancient throwing blade like the chakram, the weapons they forge will be fully functional and lethal works of art and war. The unique histories contained within each weapon will be creatively told during the forging process and the final weapons themselves will be assessed and ruthlessly tested by our panel of expert judges. These dynamic and explosive tests will be individually designed to push the weapons to their absolute limit. One by one, the bladesmiths will be eliminated until only one remains to be crowned the champion.