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Fosse/Verdon: Me and My Baby (S1EP3 BBC2 Fri 9 Aug 2019)



Fosse/Verdon Episode 3

Me And My Baby: 1972 – As he struggles with the prospect of editing the film Cabaret, Bob has also taken on the direction of the musical Pippin.

Gwen is thrilled on getting her first straight Broadway play and Bob asks Gwen for her help on both his projects. As Gwen starts going through the script of her play she recalls her start in show business in Culver City when spotted by James Henaghan. Henaghan takes advantage of the young Gwen but when pressured by Gwen’s father reluctantly agrees to marry her.

Gwen starts rehearsals for the new play and is given copious notes by the director. Bob offers his support by suggesting she asks for rewrites. As she develops her new character Gwen again reflects on her youthful self, her ambition and talent which caused her to leave her abusive husband and leave her baby son with her parents.

Between rehearsals Gwen manages to find time to help with the editing of Cabaret coming up with new and artistic ideas that revitalise Bob’s commitment to the film. Gwen again reflect on the first rewards for her personal sacrifice: her stunning success at the opening of the musical Can-Can on Broadway in 1953.

Pictured above is Gwen Verdon (Michelle Williams) and Nicole Fosse (Blake Baumgartner).

Airdate: Friday 9 August 2019 on BBC Two

Season 1 Episode 3 (of 6).



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