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Four In A Bed: Apple Camping in Redberth, Pembrokeshire (Channel 4 Tues 26 Oct 2021)



Apple Camping in Redberth, Pembrokeshire is the second destination of the week. Host Toby Rhys Davies hopes his unique take on glamping will impress his guests.

James loves his out-of-this-world UFO accommodation, while Susanne and Anwen think that their plane is first class. Breakfast comes in the form of themed hampers. At feedback time, it’s the lack of the basics that comes back to bite Toby and his not-so-happy campers.

Prod/Dir: Suneil Sahota; Series Prod: Bob Brear; Prod Co: Studio Lambert

Airdate: Tuesday 26 October 2021 at 5.00pm on Channel 4.