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Four In A Bed The Stamford (Channel 4 Wednesday 7 December 2022)



Four In A Bed

Today Wednesday 7 December 2022 the show Four In A Bed airs a new episode called The Stamford.

The B&Bers make their third trip of the week to Southport, where Rick and Sarah Blaney, a husband and wife team, own and operate The Stamford.

The self check-in leaves Annelies and Claudia feeling abandoned, which isn’t the best way to start things off. Everyone is happy after a day of footgolf, but after the off-site breakfast the next morning, some visitors feel that Rick and Sarah’s hospitality is lacking.

The hosts become combative when asked for feedback on their business strategy.


Today, Wednesday 7 December 2022, the episode The Stamford airs at 5.00pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4