Four In A Bed “The Three Hills in Cambridge” (Channel 4 Wednesday 22 March 2023)



Four In A Bed

Four In A Bed airs a new episode tonight Wednesday 22 March 2023 on Channel 4.

“The Three Hills in Cambridge” The third stop is at Emma and Emily’s Cambridge restaurant, The Three Hills, where they serve up delicious food that they hope will earn them some awards. A rocky start is made when several of the B&B guests express dissatisfaction with the level of cleanliness they found, but the rest of the trip goes off without a hitch thanks to an afternoon of punting. How, though, can Emma and Emily deal with the one guest who insists on being the centre of attention? The hosts are feeling optimistic after such a successful breakfast. Yet, their aggression lasts just until the feedback phase…

Airdate: Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 5.00pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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