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The Fourth Arm Episode 5 (BBC-1 4 Feb 1983, with Robert Swales)



In the fifth episode Colonel Gwillim visits the team; There are concerns that there may be a traitor in the quad, he also reveals that new intelligence provided by the Americans suggests that the Germans may have as many as fifty V1 sites in various stages of progress across France – if that’s true then it would give them the ability to send over 14,000 rockets a day to fall on the UK.

With thoughts of a possible traitor threatening to ruin the whole operation Gallagher and Squires have to go through the team with a fine tooth comb. It’s a handy opportunity to refresh the viewer’s memory of just who is who on the team and what their French code-names are.

Meanwhile Parachute training is the next step the team have to face. At this point in time the team still have no idea what their mission actually is but have a few ideas. Because they are such a disparate bunch not overly used to such rigorous training none of them are finding the going particularly easy. Macauley though is struggling the most.

The tension builds nicely in this episode, we don’t know if there is a traitor but several members of the team are acting suspiciously that’s for sure.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 4 February 1983 at 8.00pm

Writer: Brian Finch / Production Design: Bob Smart / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Series: The Fourth Arm Episode 5 (of 12)

Paul Shelley as Major Gallagher
Neil Stacy as Lieutenant-Colonel Squires
Eve Adam as Portales (Rossignol)
Angela Cheyne as Birkett (Hirondelle)
Susan Kyd as Solange (Chardonneret)
Carole Nimmons as Ellen (Merle)
Stuart Blake as Wilson (Corbeau)
Rob Edwards as Lovell (Hibou)
Dean Harris as Macklin (Choucas)
Michael MacKenzie as Cameron (Grive)
Robert Swales as Macaulay (Mesange)
Leonard Fenton as Moffatt (Miff)
Roy Boyd as Lamboit (Ferdy)
Brian Southwood as Sqn Ldr Preston
Keith Bartlett as Sgt King
Norman Hartley as Saunders (MO)
Terry Forrestal as Parachute instructor
Ben Stevens as Despatch rider
Hugh Martin as Corporal
Richard Brain as Corporal
Michael Vivian as Sentry