The Fourth Arm Part 3 (BBC-1 21 Jan 1983, with Dean Harris)

In Part 3 of The Fourth Arm, Gallagher’s crew have been selected but now they must all meet up at a predetermined rendezvous point using only a map reference to get there. Of course it’s all part of their first training exercise, after all if they can’t make it to headquarters they are unlikely to do well behind enemy lines.

The exercise is fraught with danger, including as it does live mines in places, there is a tough assault course and also a psychological element that also adds to the difficult. Although one or two struggle the group do all make it through. Macauley makes it easy by posing as an officer an simply driving through whilst Macklin gets there the night before and simply ambles in after spending a night sleeping outside.

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The team are also given their code names and they are now only allowed to communicate using those names and must speak in French as much as possible. At the episodes end Gallagher and Squires are told that the Germans are only 28 days away from launching their first rocket.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 21 January 1983 at 8.00pm

Writer: John Brason / Production Design: Tim Dann / Director: Viktors Ritelis

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Series: The Fourth Arm Episode 3 (of 12)

Paul Shelley as Major Gallagher
Neil Stacy as Lieutenant-Colonel Squires
Eve Adam as Portales (Rossignol)
Angela Cheyne as Birkett (Hirondelle)
Susan Kyd as Solange (Chardonneret)
Carole Nimmons as Ellen (Merle)
Stuart Blake as Wilson (Corbeau)
Rob Edwards as Lovell (Hibou)
Dean Harris as Macklin (Choucas)
Michael MacKenzie as Cameron (Grive)
Robert Swales as Macaulay (Mesange)
Leonard Fenton as Moffatt (Miff)
Christopher Farries as Broadhurst
Marella Oppenheim as Macaulay’s driver
Brian Osborn as Sergeant at station
Arthur Kohn as Sergeant at hall
Michael Feldman as RT operator
Tim Faulkner as RT operator
David English as RT operator
Simon Shaw as Observer
John Alkin as Observer

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