The Fourth Arm Part 8 (BBC-1 25 Feb 1983 with Leon Eagles)

The Fourth Arm Title

In Part 8 the fall out from the recent sortie into France means team morale is not overly high, Cameron is on the verge of being dismissed having killed a German officer (even though he covered his tracks) but Gallagher knows he needs a strong arm man on the team. Gallagher also has the difficult task of telling Macauley’s mother the news of her sons death.

An old circus poster featuring a tight rope walker also gives Gallagher the glimmer of an idea about how they could manage to get the explosives they will be carrying across the minefield surrounding the bomb base. It mean’s recruiting a new member of the team, circus performer Soltysyk (codename Warsaw). Squires is not at all impressed!

Meanwhile a training exercise involving defusing dummy mines threaten to literally blow up in the team’s faces when one of the mines is found to be live.

After the high tension of the sortie it’s now the high wire!

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 25 February 1983 at 8.00pm

Writer: John Brason / Production Design: Tim Dann / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Series: The Fourth Arm Episode 8 (of 12)

Paul Shelley as Major Gallagher
Neil Stacy as Lieutenant-Colonel Squires
Philip Latham as Colonel Gwillim
Eve Adam as Portales (Rossignol)
Susan Kyd as Solange (Chardonneret)
Dean Harris as Macklin (Choucas)
Michael MacKenzie as Cameron (Grive)
Roy Boyd as Lamboit (Ferdy)
Carole Nimmons as Ellen (Merle)
Robert Swales as Macaulay (Mesange)
Stuart Blake as Wilson (Corbeau)
Rob Edwards as Lovell (Hibou)
Boris Isarov as Soltysyk (Warsaw)
Edward Peel as Sgt Major Gidney
Constantine Gregory as Piernik
Leon Eagles as Seddon
Deirdre Doone as Mrs Macaulay
Leonard Fenton as Corporal Moffat (Miff)
Frank Jarvis as Sergeant Dowding
Terry Gurry as Sergeant Morris

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