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The Fourth Arm Part Six (BBC-1 11 Feb 1983, with Rob Edwards)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In the sixth episode of The Fourth Arm, after intel on a way into the V1 base is received, Gwillim wants Major Gallagher to take a small three of four person team over to France to scout out an exact layout of the place.

The team features Macklin, Cameron, Macauley, Portales and Solange. Because she has been spotted making phone calls off base Portales is being considered as the possible traitor that may or may not be in the team, both Gwillim and Gallagher want her included in the mission to find out where her loyalties lie and if they lie with the other side she won’t be coming back.

Solange is to go in first to make sure that if anything has changed in the area she can send back word so that the team is not stumbling in the dark. Gallagher also wants Lamboit as a side mission to go to France to find out more about Portales.

At this point only Solange and Lamboit, who have left in advance know the mission is real, everyone else, including the four about to risk their lives, think it’s another training exercise.

It’s the first real test for all of them and naturally enough they are pretty nervous when they do find out, especially when Gallagher hands out the suicide pills and tell them to use them if they are caught!

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 11 February 1983 at 8.00pm

Writer: Brian Finch / Production Design: Bob Smart / Director: Nicholas Renton

Series: The Fourth Arm Episode 6 (of 12)

Paul Shelley as Major Gallagher
Neil Stacy as Lieutenant-Colonel Squires
Philip Latham as Colonel Gwillim
Eve Adam as Portales (Rossignol)
Angela Cheyne as Birkett (Hirondelle)
Susan Kyd as Solange (Chardonneret)
Carole Nimmons as Ellen (Merle)
Stuart Blake as Wilson (Corbeau)
Rob Edwards as Lovell (Hibou)
Dean Harris as Macklin (Choucas)
Michael MacKenzie as Cameron (Grive)
Robert Swales as Macaulay (Mesange)
Leonard Fenton as Moffatt (Miff)
Roy Boyd as Lamboit (Ferdy)
Edward Peel as Sgt-Major Gidney
Brian Southwood as Sq Ldr Preston
Peter Hutchinson as First pilot
Brian Darnley as First despatcher
John Lester as Second pilot
Fraser Downie as Second despatcher