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Fraud Squad: Turbot on Ice (ITV 20 May 1969, with Derek Fowlds)



Fraud Squad Turbot on Ice

In Turbot on Ice the police catch local petty villain Frank Turbot just after he has pulled off a house break-in. The bag he is carrying contains four thousand pounds, the bag also has an address on it (and we know that it’s where he stole it from). The middle aged lady claims to have no knowledge of the money.

Gamble and Hicks get involved when they learn that the woman, Jessie Stewart, is the chief wages clerk at prominent local business G.T. Hollisters and sons. Gamble would like to take a look at company’s accounts for the last two years. Young Derek Hollister, who has taken over the running of the company from his ageing father, won’t let him so Gamble goes over his head to Hollister’s father (who is still managing director).

Young Hollister is none too impressed and tells Jessie, who is adamant that her account books are perfect, that she should sue for defamation of character. In fact when the accounts are found to be perfect he is determined to make Gamble pay the price.

A first rate opener. A strong script from the ever dependable Robert Holmes and a solid introduction to the two leads. Gamble is shown to be forceful where he needs to be and playful in his working relationship with Hicks, who is clearly quite new to the Fraud Sqaud at this stage.

Guest stars include Andrew Sachs complete with Midlands accent that is as dodgy as his famed Spanish one and Derek Fowlds is the young Hollister who is happy to stand by Jessie and there are also small roles.

The title comes from a phrase uttered by Gamble to Hicks about the fact that Turbot hasn’t been charged yet.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 20 May 1969

Writer: Robert Holmes / Director: Michael Currer-Biggs

Series: Fraud Squad Season 1 Episode 1

Patrick O’Connell as Detective Inspector Gamble
Joanna Van Gyseghem as Detective Sergeant Vicky Hicks
Ralph Nossek as Superintendent Proud
Andrew Sachs as Frank Turbot
Derek Fowlds as Derek Hollister
Margaret Vines as Jessie Stewart
Peter Maycock as Policeman
Richard Hampton as Sgt Brophy
Candida Fawsitt as Penny
Harold Bennett as Servant
Colin Gordon as Gilbert Hollister
Arthur Hewlett as Fettle
Aubrey Danvers-Walker as Grizewood
John Carlin as Russell Yarwood