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Fraud Squad: Where’s George (ITV 1 Jul 1969, with John Abineri)



Fraud Squad Where's George John Abineri

In Where’s George, prominent businessman George Carroway has gone missing, the private plane he was on having disappeared over the Irish Sea. His father-in-law is convinced that Carroway was murdered by his business partner who has become romantically involved with. Meanwhile Gamble and Hicks are more concerned about the fact that £50,000 seem to have gone missing with him.

Thanks to some strange phone calls (from various parts of Europe, including Paris, Hamburg and Zurich) it starts to look like George may not be dead at all.

Another fun episode with a lead role for John Abineri as the missing George, slightly off putting is the fact that the wig he is clearly wearing doesn’t quite fit.

The episode aired at a later time than normal on it’s original broadcast thanks to highlights of Prince Charles’ Investiture at Caernarvon being shown from 8.30pm-9.30pm.

Fraud Squad Where's George

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 1 July 1969 at 10.30pm

Writer: Jack Trevor Story / Production Design: Anthony Waller / Director: Raymond Menmuir

Series: Fraud Squad Season 1 Episode 7

Patrick O’Connell as Gamble
Joanna Van Gyseghem as Vicky Hicks
Ralph Nossek as Proud
John Abineri as George Carroway
Jan Waters as Joy Carroway
Donald Douglas as Angus Dalziel
John Tate as Mr Oakington
Edward Dentith as Wing Commander Blair
Jack Lambert as Donald Dalziel
Bill McCabe as Bill (at wedding)
Margaret Lacey as Miss Andrews
John Cater as Mr Benson
Ellis Jones as Derek Benson
Stanley Lebor as George Pendleton
Susan Field as Mrs M.
Denis Cleary as Taxi Driver