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French Legal Drama Munch Premieres Fri April 15 on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel



Isabelle Nanty (Big Bug, Amélie, Resistance) stars in this legal drama as Gabrielle Munchowski, a bold, irreverent and intuitive attorney who runs a law firm with her friend and associate, Hubert Bellanger (Lucien Jean-Baptiste, He Even Has Your Eyes).

Strong-willed and pragmatic in the face of administrative and judiciary absurdity, Munch and her team take on tough cases, defending the innocent and marginalized against all odds. And she will cross any line and stop at nothing, and even bend the law, to defend her clients.

Cast: Paloma Coquant (Clarisse), Aurélien Wiik (Gaspard), Isabelle Nanty (Maître Gabrielle Munchovski, “Munch”), Lucien Jean-Baptiste (Hubert Bellanger), Tom Villa (Aurélien Berton)

Airdate: Friday 15 April 2022 on PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel and Walter Presents.