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Freud: In the Name of the Gods (S1EP1 BBC-2 14 Sep 1984, Glyn Houston)



In the Name of the Gods: The 83-year-old Freud is resigned to die in exile, but determined that the moment will be of his own choosing. Analysing his life one last time, he recalls the early years in Vienna when, as an ambitious young doctor, medicine seemed fatuous; his love-life frustrating; and experiments with cocaine threatened a career yet to begin.

Cast: David Suchet (Sigmund Freud), Helen Bourne (Martha), David Swift (Joseph Brever), Alison Key (Anna Freud), Michael Kitchen (Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow), Suzanne Bertish (Minna), Glyn Houston, Corinna Schnabel, Teddy Kempner, Roy
MacArthur, Ian Thompson, Diana Payan, Lynn Morrighan, Douglas Milvain, Howard Goorney, Eliza Hunt, Frank Baker, Rob Middleton, Christopher Sandford, Gordon Reid, Niven Boyd, Bruce Purchase

Writer: Carey Harrison / Director: Moira Armstrong

Original Airdate: 14 Sep 1984 on BBC-2
Series: Freud Season 1 Episode 1