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Freud: Madonna (S1EP4 BBC-2 5 Oct 1984, Allan Corduner)



Madonna: An intriguing new relationship develops when Minna Bernays, Freud’s attractive sister-in-law, joins the family. Freud’s recent ‘child seduction’ theory has outraged Vienna, leaving him, professionally, more isolated than ever. With Martha consigned to maternal duties and the Fliess friendship deteriorating, increasingly, Minna alone shares Sigmund’s private frustrations until the celebrated ‘Oedipus’ theory ensures his future.

Cast: David Suchet (Sigmund Freud), Helen Bourne (Martha), David Swift (Joseph Brever), Anton Lesser (Fliess), Alison Key (Anna Freud), Suzanne Bertish (Minna), Eliza Hunt, Frank Baker, Howard Goorney, Gavin Harding, Amber Jane Raab, Tom Caleb, Claire Davenport, Jeffrey Segal, Gordon Reid, Allan Corduner, Harold Saks

Writer: Carey Harrison / Director: Moira Armstrong

Original Airdate: 5 Oct 1984 on BBC-2
Series: Freud Season 1 Episode 4