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Freud: Messiah (S1EP5 BBC-2 12 Oct 1984, Peter Jeffrey)



Messiah: Vienna 1907. Psychoanalysis as a movement is born. Freud’s revolutionary theories appeal to a growing band of supporters—Adler, Stekel, Kahane, Federn, Rank, Ferenczi—who passionately participate in the ritual of the ‘Wednesday Society’ meetings. Of the new-found disciples, Carl Jung is the master’s favourite. In this distinguished Swiss gentile, Freud sees the key to promoting the group’s image beyond that of a Jewish cabal and, more importantly, the personal relationship he constantly craves.

Cast: David Suchet (Sigmund Freud), Helen Bourne (Martha), David Swift (Joseph Brever), Anton Lesser (Fliess), Alison Key (Anna Freud), Suzanne Bertish (Minna), David Hatton, Peter Birrel, Martin Lawton, Kerry Shale, Peter Jeffrey, Clive Merrison, Michael Pennington, Jeremy Clyne, Leon Lissek, Raymond Brody, Jack Chissick, Hugh Thomas

Writer: Carey Harrison / Director: Moira Armstrong

Original Airdate: 12 Oct 1984 on BBC-2
Series: Freud Season 1 Episode 5