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Freud: The Hypnotist (S1EP2 BBC-2 21 Sep 1984, Anton Lesser)



The Hypnotist: Paris, 1885. Charcot’s sensational experiments with hysterical cases are the talk of the town and Freud is much impressed. But the Frenchman’s belief that the root of hysteria lies, invariably, in the genitals is greeted with scorn when Freud proclaims it in Vienna. Undaunted, in his treatment of the Baroness, Freud persists with Charcot’s methods and Breuer’s talking cure.

Cast: David Suchet (Sigmund Freud), Helen Bourne (Martha), David Swift (Joseph Brever), Suzanne Bertish (Minna), Anton Lesser (Fliess), Sophie Kind, Dinsdale Landen, Peter Blake, John Grillo, Peter MacKriel, Frederick Bartman, Glyn Houston, Miriam Margolyes, Frank Baker, Howard Goorney

Writer: Carey Harrison / Director: Moira Armstrong

Original Airdate: 21 Sep 1984 on BBC-2
Series: Freud Season 1 Episode 2