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The Frighteners: Night of the Stag (ITV 14 Jul 1972, Jennie Linden, Robin Ellis)



The Frighteners Night of the Stag

In Night of the Stag, Mike is on his Stag night, about to get married. His former girlfriend Ginny demands to see him. They spend a few fraught hours hashing out the past. Ginny wants to see where Mike lives and then refuses to leave.

Inevitably the pair end up in bed together but Mike is unable to “rise to the occasion”. The pair end up sleeping in – unfortunately for Mike his intended, Caroline, is due to call in to make sure he hasn’t had too much to drink the night before.

It’s all quite straightforward until the final two minutes, Ginny is certainly highly strung and she clearly hasn’t been able to get over Mike. However with Caroline due to arrive and Mike in the bath events take a murderous turn. Caroline turns up just as Ginny walks out of the bathroom with a psychotic stare. “You must be Caroline” she says, “he’s all yours.” With a piercing scream from Caroline we are left in no doubt that Ginny has murdered him.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 14 July 1972

Writer: Andrea Newman / Director: John Reardon

Series: The Frighteners Episode 2 (of 13)

Jennie Linden as Ginny
Robin Ellis as Mike
Vivienne Chandler as Caroline
Derrick Gilbert as Bill
Geraldine Newman as Claire
Prentis Hancock as David
Bill Stewart as Sammy