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Gangsters: Incident 6 (S1EP6 BBC One 21 Oct 1976, John Abineri)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Incident 6: John Kline barely keeps his head above water but is getting closer to learning his real identity. Meanwhile, Khan plunges into the deep end.

Cast: Maurice Colbourne (John Kline), Ahmed Khalil (Khan), Saeed Jaffrey (Rafiq), Elizabeth Cassidy (Anne Darracott), Paul Barber (Malleson), Alibe Parsons (Sarah Gant), Oscar James (Hunniford), Oswald Lindsay (Bryden), June Bolton (Mangit), John Main (Cary), Terry Downes (Sturt), Tariq Yunus (Jashir Singh Mahall), Paul Satvender (Kuldip), Paul Antrim (Dermot Macavoy), Rolf Day (Comedian), Robert Stephens (Sir George Jeavons), Dona Croll (Prostitute), Mikel Lambert (Norah), Aly Khan (Comedian), Christopher Benjamin (Assistant Managing Director), John Abineri, Patti Sommers, Ashi Arora, Bela Arora

Writer: Philip Martin / Director: Kenneth Ives

Original Airdate: 21 Oct 1976 on BBC One
Series: Gangsters Season 1 Episode 6