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Gangsters: The Red Executioner (S2EP2 BBC One 13 Jan 1978, Zia Mohyeddin)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Red Executioner: A mysterious assassin comes to the West Midlands from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Rafiq decides to proposition Lily Li Tang.

Cast: Maurice Colbourne (John Kline), Ahmed Khalil (Khan), Saeed Jaffrey (Rafiq), Elizabeth Cassidy (Anne Darracott), Zia Mohyeddin (Iqbal Khan), Alibe Parsons (Sarah Gant), Kristopher Kum (Mr Yan), Chai Lee (Lily Li Tang), Robert Lee (Shen Tang), Terry Downes (Sturt), John Main (Cary), Kahjoo Chua (Red Stick), Tony Then, Dennis Chin, Andrew Rinous, Jaime Adams

Writer: Philip Martin / Director: Alastair Reid

Original Airdate: 13 Jan 1978 on BBC One
Series: Gangsters Season 2 Episode 2