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Gazette: Missing (ITV 30 Aug 1968, with John Nettleton)



Gazette Missing

In Missing a young schoolgirl goes missing, sparking a major hunt. Susan gets the chance to cover the story as a stringer for the Fleet Street based Daily Standard; Bill has his nose put out of joint because he normally handles the Standard cases but was out on another story at the time this one came in.

With another young girl having been found murdered in the area two months earlier things are not looking too good for the missing girl. The Daily Standard decide to go all out on the story and send up one of their top men to cover it. Bill manages to wangle himself and Susan onto the story as his runabouts – Susan is less than impressed with the way The Standard does business.

It’s a good episode contrasting the ways of the rural weekly with that of the no nonsense London daily. The plot is excellent too, it turns out that Turner has arranged the kidnap of his own daughter in a bid to bring his estranged wife back home. Susan is disgusted that Todd, the Standard man won’t let the police know the girl is safe until the story has gone to press.

Hadleigh does not appear in this episode and Walters is only in the opening scene.

Gazette Missing

production design
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 30 August 1968 at 9.00pm

Writer: James Doran / Production Design: Alan Pickford / Director: David Andrews

Series: Gazette Season 1 Episode 5

Jon Laurimore as Walters
Gillian Wray as Sue
Michael Blackham as Bil Spence
John Nettleton as Todd
Harold Goodwin as Turner
John Barrett as Supt Nelson
Norman Mitchell as Sgt Williams
Michael Beint as George
Ronald Clarke as Sloan
Roy Evans as Yardley
Ian Cooper as Inspector Davis
Anne Corfield as Sandra
Christopher Woolgar as Tom
Derek Keller as Powell
Tony Cerrone as 1st P.C.
Peter Dudley as 2nd P.C.
Cyril Varley as Fireman
Eliza Goulding as Housewife
Jill Summers as 1st Neighbour
Ruth Wynn Owen as 2nd Neighbour