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Genius of the Ancient World: Confucius (BBC Four Sat 13 August, 2022)



Confucius: Wisdom of the Ancients Confucius, who is credited as the first Chinese thinker to take a systematic philosophical approach to issues of social, political, and ethical importance, is profiled in the final instalment of Bettany Hughes’ series examining the lives and teachings of influential ancient philosophers. Confucius, who was born during the turbulent Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history, believed that harmony could be promoted and attained by following the lead of wise leaders.

He also tried to instil his values of moral excellence in China’s elite as an innovative teacher, but he passed away before seeing the realisation of his vision for his country. But his ideas would eventually become the cornerstone of Chinese culture, and many of his traditional principles still apply today.

Airdate: Saturday 13 August 2022 at 7.00pm on BBC Four.

Season 1 Episode 3