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Britain has some of the most beautiful historic houses in the world. From Victorian to gothic, arts and crafts to Georgian, there are different architectural styles on every street across the country. But there’s a problem – the way houses were built years ago just doesn’t work for us today. What should we chuck, and what should we cherish? What should we repair? And what should we simply replace? What modern styles work in period properties?

In this returning series, architect George Clarke once again gets under the skin of homes with history to unlock their potential. In the first episode, George meets teachers Simon and Sofie, in south Liverpool. Their 1930s semi has lost its way, thanks to some extremely dodgy interior design choices made by the previous owner. And with a small, dark, outdated kitchen, squeezed in what would originally have been the wash house, the layout doesn’t work. With a budget of £15,000, George needs to come up with a structural redesign that won’t cost the earth, and a budget-savvy interior scheme that brings some cohesion to this old property.

George also visits a stunning medieval farmhouse in Kent that’s like a perfectly preserved time capsule and needs an upgrade suitable for a young and rapidly growing family.

Exec Prods: Rebecca Mulraine, Tania Fallon
Series Prod/Dir: Tom Whitter
Prod Co: Amazing Productions

George Clarke’s Old House, New Home Episode 1 airs on Channel 4 Thursday 19 July 8:00pm


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