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German Thriller Faking Hitler Now Streaming on SBS On Demand



Faking Hitler

Journalist Gerd Heidemann (Lars Eidinger) can’t resist the scoop of the century when he learns that Adolf Hitler kept a diary. But he doesn’t know the diary was made by affable art dealer, prolific forger, and minor criminal Konrad Kujau (Moritz Bleibtreu).

When Heidemann finds Kujau, he is thrilled to learn that he has a large number of additional diaries, and he persuades reputable publication Stern to shell out a sizable sum to purchase them. Only inexperienced reporter Elisabeth Stöckel raises a doubt about the veracity of the diaries, but Heidemann ignores her warnings and begins syndicating the story worldwide.

Faking Hitler is an utterly compelling story of greed, ambition, deception, and desire that vividly captures the atmosphere of the time.

In German with English subtitles, all six episodes of Faking Hitler are now streaming on SBS On Demand.

Incidentally, this true story was the subject of a 1991 5 part UK drama series that starred Jonathan Pryce as Gerd and Alexei Sayle as Kujau.