Gideon’s Way: State Visit (ITV 14 Nov 1964, Alfie Bass)

In State Visit, the very first episode of Gideon’s Way (although not the first episode screened), Commander George Gideon is asked to take control of the security arrangement of an impending visit of the German President, his newly promoted deputy commander is more than a little put out as he feels he should have been given the task. Meanwhile elderly Jewish scientist Max Fischer is extremely distressed by news of the visit many of his family were killed by the German’s in concentration camps during world war II and finds forgiveness hard. He decides to take matters into his own hands and builds a bomb in at attempt to assassinate the president during a procession through Whitehall.

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A great opening episode with a strong mix of the personal and action led stuff. Some early glimpses into Gideon’s home life (he has a wife and three children) contrasts with that of his deputy Rae Cox (a typically strong but understated performance from Gerald Harper) who is having major trouble at home thanks to his obsession with “the job”. Quite an unusual angle that actually for the mid sixties during a time when coppers were still seen as untouchable although Gideon is on hand to offer up some handy advice.

production details
UK / ITV Network – ATV – New World Production – ITC / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 14 November 1964

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Writer: Jim O’Connolly (from a theme in Gideon’s March by John Creasey) / Director: John Moxey

Series: Gideon’s Way Season 1 Episode 1

guest cast
ALFIE BASS as Max Fischer
CATHERINE LACEY as Sarah Fischer
GERALD HARPER as Deputy Commander Rae Cox
JACK GWILLIAM as Commander Ripple

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