Godfather of Harlem All Roads Lead to Malcolm (MGM+ Sunday 5 March 2023)



Godfather of Harlem

Today Sunday 5 March 2023, there is a new episode of Godfather of Harlem.

All Roads Lead to Malcolm After Battle is taken into custody, Bumpy must figure out how to free him and locate the mole. The group learns from Bumpy that Malcolm X is hated by a wider audience than they had previously believed. In the wake of Archie’s death, Colombo wonders why Chin ordered a hit on him, while Mayme breaks up with Bumpy.

Airdate: Sunday 5 March 2023 at 21:00 on MGM+

Season 3 Episode 7

Godfather of Harlem reimagines the story of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson, who in the early 1960s returned from a decade in prison to find the neighborhood he once ruled in shambles.

Featured image credit: MGM+

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