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Gold Digger Episode 2 airs Tues 19 Nov on BBC One.



When Julia (Julia Ormond) brings Benjamin (Ben Barnes) to her home in Devon, he is taken aback by its size.
Their honeymoon period is interrupted by Ted (Alex Jennings), who come to check out this younger man. The atmosphere is barbed between the exes, with Ted insinuating that Julia is only with Benjamin because of her recent divorce.

Feeling judged, Julia decides to return to London, telling Benjamin she’d like to get to know his friends. At a club, and feeling out of her depth, Julia meets Zac (David Avery) and Bianca (Elena Saurel) and learns about Benjamin’s messy recent break-up.

Across town, Della is gearing up to confront her own past – turning up unannounced on the doorstep of her ex Emily (Maeve Dermody). It’s a painful encounter and it sends Della (Jemima Roooper) off on another bender.

Back at the club, and with the night drawing to a close, Julia asks Benjamin for his address, but he is cagey, having thought they were going to the hotel. He refuses to allow her back to his flat, causing Julia wonder what he’s hiding. Hurt, Benjamin packs her off in a taxi alone.

Julia throws herself on the mercy of her son Patrick (Sebastian Armesto). Seeing his mother so upset, Patrick pressurises Della into actively investigating Benjamin – and what they find out changes everything.

Pictured: Della Day (Jemima Roooper).

Airdate: Tuesday 19 November 2019 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC ONE

Season 1 Episode 2



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