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Grafters: Episode Five (S2EP5 ITV 29 Nov 1999, Peter Attard)



Episode Five: The night after the party – Trevor is released from jail, while Joe and Lizzie wake up together. Viv refuses to believe that nothing happened and decides to get away from Joe. Despite Joe’s protestation of his love for her at Richard’s instigation, she takes a job in London. After discovering that Simon was two-timing them, both Tina and Becky plot their revenge by pretending that Becky is pregnant. After his initial panic, Simon shows a mature streak and he decides to do the proper thing – propose! Trevor moves into a houseboat with Clare and gets carried away with ideas of children and growing old together. Clare however lets her feelings be known and tells him to slow down. Bill, Trevor’s inmate, is now part of the team at Purvis and Purvis who need all the help they can get after discoveries of asbestos and overdue loans. They decide to show off the only finished flat in the school at a cheese and wine evening. Everyone rallies round and the evening goes well, until a struggle betw

Regular Cast: Robson Green (Joe), Stephen Tompkinson (Trevor), Darren Morfitt (Simon Purvis), William Parker (Sam), Lesley Vickerage (Viv Casey), David Westhead (Nick Costello), Stacy Hart (Becky), Stephen Boxer (Geoff), Katherine Wogan (Clare Costello), Tracey Wilkinson (Karen)

Guest Cast: Marian McLoughlin (Pippa), Ace Bhatti (Tom), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Martha), Belinda Allerston, Helen Bleasdale, Norman Gregory, Peter Attard

Writer: Colin Bytheway / Director: Dominic Brigstocke

Airdate: 29 Nov 1999 on ITV

Series: Grafters Season 2 Episode 5

Show Info: Comedy drama series. A pair of warring Geordie brothers Trevor and Joe travel to London to work as builders converting a house for a married upwardly mobile couple. In season two the pair set about converting an old school into a luxury apartment block but were never far away from trouble.